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“Fountain of Youth”

“I call my Cal Spas the fountain of youth. The delivery was great and it's been a good hot tub. I like that it has a lot of jets. I have a bad lower back, so that's what I was looking for. I've had hot tubs most of my adult life and most of them have had leaks and things falling apart. I had one where the jets would constantly explode and all the ball bearings would spray all over. But I've not had any of that with Cal Spas. The quality held up and it's a year and a half old now. I've had not a single problem and it's the first hot tub that I've had that I can say that.”


Woodbury, MN

“I Like My Cal Spa”

“I like my Cal spa a lot. Just before I get in, I click it up to 106 and it doesn't take long to get to 106 at all. I like that I could set all the jets off except for one chair and take all the pressure into one chair.”

Paul Smith,

Shoreview, MN

“Beautiful Looking Hot Tub”

“Love my new beautiful looking hot tub. Just got it a month ago. Everything I thought it would be. Cabinets look really good. Great looking corners too. So far so good. Having a lot of fun with my kids in it. ”

Kyle Wong,

Dallas, TX

“Relaxing and Comfortable”

“Nothing better than jumping into a hot tub right after work. Kick back and relax. My Cal Spas hot tub is the best. Love it!”


Miami, FL

“Great quality for a great price!”

“I bought this hot tub in March and I can tell you that this is the best quality you can buy for this money. If you want to buy the same quality from another brand you'll have to pay almost double the price of this one. The jets are really powerful! I recommend this product for everybody. You won't regret it! I previously owned a different brand for the same money and it was a joke.”


New York, NY

“Best Hot Tub Design”

“We liked the Cal spa design we had. It gave us enough room for my almost seven-foot son so it was great. It's got a waterfall and then, it had a corner one where you can adjust the jets from that area. It had jets coming out of the floor, another corner one and two side ones. The installation was good. I had a problem though with the two side ones, which struggled with either airlocks or it wasn't set up right in that respect. We had it for two years but we had to sell it with the house because it cost too much to move that. I would have almost bought a brand new one by the time I put that in and moved from Texas to Michigan. So I left it there and sold it to the people that bought the house. I’m gonna buy another thing up here probably. My wife loved the heck out of it. She was in it almost probably every other night.”


Buda, TX